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We are passionate and excited about the future plus we love systems that enable our customers to succeed 

Our approach includes planning and emphasis on clear expectations and communication so that the only surprises are good ones. 


We are familiar with enterprise change-management processes and carry out critical work with back-up and fall-back measures .  


We are proactive, accountable and we stand by our work.   

Trustworthiness and Innovation

AVI LOGO transparent.png

Our logo and our work is a fusion of these two values.

30 years

AV Intelligence has a heritage of 30 years in the film and video production industry.  Over that time we have seen many disruptive changes and helped customers to reap benefits from the new – 

From film to video tape, Quad, 1 Inch, Umatic, to digital betacam

Computerised linear editing, the first Avids, Discrete Edit, Media 100, Sphere NLEs through Final Cut Pro and Adobe


Patching and routing systems to share machine room equipment between multiple suites.  Tape-based, hybrid, then file-based workflows with collaborative storage, archive and MAM

Baseband SDI to data intensive networks with routing, VPN, and IT security considerations

4x3 to 16x9 aspect ratios.  SD to HD to 4K.  SDR to HDR and BT601 to BT709 to BT2020 colour management

Now we are assisting facilities as their viewers’ habits change from DTT and DTH linear broadcast to IP delivered TV and VOD and as advertising revenues shift from television commercials to preroll and banner ads placed through ad-exchanges

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