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With exponential data growth, strict requirements for legal compliance, shrinking windows of time for backups, and the need for your employees, partners, and customers to access data at any time from anywhere, enterprises need better ways to manage and secure their data.

Clone Your Data

Replicate data to ensure high availability

Workstation Backup

Back up desktop and laptop data to Disk

Server Backup

Back up server data to Disk, Tape & Cloud

Make Room

Move or migrate data
offline to Disk, Tape & Cloud

Archiware GmbH is a privately-held company with over 20 years of experience in data management software for backup, synchronization and archiving.

Archiware's P5 Software Suite is ideal for businesses in the Media and Entertainment industry.

The four modules in the Archiware P5 Suite secure data using different methods and restore them when required. All modules can be combined to create multiple-step security concepts to achieve maximum data protection


Key Features

  • Archive, Backup and Cloning in one solution

  • macOS, Windows, Linux and NAS systems (QNAP, Synology, NETGEAR)

  • Browser interface

  • Disk, Tape and Cloud storage compatible

  • Universal storage compatibility with XSan, StorNext, SAN, RAID, NAS, Tape, Tape Libraries

  • Scales from Mac mini to server farm

  • Fully functional 30 day trial

  • Add-on P5 Archive App for archiving from Finder and FCP X integration

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