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Casual Work

These rates apply for engineering or project work where a regular support contract is not in place.

Regular Contract Work

These prices apply where a qualifying regular support contract or a **BOH of 20 hours or more is in place

*10% discount

Unless contracted otherwise, we generally offer a 10% discount on our invoices if payment is received within 7 days of the invoice date.

Managed IT Services

Do you want peace of mind knowing your technology is secure and working efficiently, so  you can focus on your business? 

Managed IT Services ensure the operation and health of your devices at a fixed monthly cost*. 

Managed IT Services (MITS) is tailor-made for your technology needs. This enables you to increase your security and reliability, so you can concentrate on being creative.  

MITS is designed to cover your IT requirements and is based on:

  1. Number of devices that you would like managed;

  2. Whether you incorporate additional business-continuity DR protection;

  3. If you require additional discounted hours for  Film & Video extension support.


MITS looks after the ongoing operation of your IT to keep you efficient and secure.

MITS can be as basic or comprehensive as you want as it depends on what you need as well as what suits your budget!

Contact us today to find out how we can help you! 

*See Ts&Cs

​Ts & Cs

**MITS, BOH and AVH Explained

  • A Managed IT Service (MITS) contract is a tailor-made service that can expand and contract dependent on your current needs. Pricing is based on the number of devices you have and the additional protections and services you choose. Preferential pricing for Project work via a BOH is available with this contract. Note that  there is a 3 month minimum contract and you can adjust the number of devices covered as your needs change.

  • A Block Of Hours (BOH) contract is equivalent of 20 or more hours paid in advance. 

  • An Agreed Value of Hours (AVH) is a fortnightly or monthly rolling contract of equivalent 10 or more regular hours. 

  • All arrangements attract our preferential rate for labour. 

  • Requesting us to do work is simplified as there is no need for a purchase order every time and authorisation protocols are agreed to protect your interests

You will receive value

  • MITS is like an insurance policy minimising the possibility of down time due to technological interruptions.  This enables you to maximise your productivity and output safe in the knowledge that you will meet your timelines and provide satisfaction for your clients.

  • AVH and BOH arrangement hours are available until they have been used. If you have unused hours at the end of a contract period these  can be rolled into your next AVH or BOH that you purchase.

You can use us for whatever gives you the maximum benefit

  • We will discuss your task and equipment priorities when setting up the contract, and will have protocols in place to protect your interests about how work is assigned. 

  • We are available and willing to use our abilities to serve your interests, even if these differ from your original requirements ( we will ensure that we understand your new instructions). 

  • We work to the value of hours you have purchased rather than a set list of equipment or tasks.

We do not charge for quotes

  • We do not charge for quotes.  We generally charge for research and consultancy.

  • Our customers often ask us to research and recommend equipment or solutions for issues.  We use our years of experience, and wide knowledge of workflow best practices, to identify options and any ‘gotchas’ so you can make the best choice.  The recommendations are presented without obligation that we will supply you, and where you have paid for this consultancy, the IP produced becomes your property. 

  • A quote is provided where we can add value as your supplier; our quotes will be uncharged (the quote is our IP and remains confidential to our relationship).

Minimal margin supplies

  • A lot of technology such as RAM, hard drives etc. are now commodity products with only a few dollars margin available. This is not enough to cover research, acquisition with replacement guarantee and best-practice installation. Many of our clients love when we can supply at a low price and look after the research, procurement, integration and asset documentation for their records. Well where you have an AVH / BOH with us we can!

  • The research and recommendation phase uses some of the available hours; there will be a quote (there is no charge for the quote) at a price comparable to other sources available (or we can help you source directly from your preferred source), we will procure, integrate and configure using your AVH/BOH.  Down the track if the part needs replacement under warranty we can also look after that if there are available BOH or AVH hours.

  • Also small supplies such as freight on replacement parts can be presented as ‘hours-equivalent’ through the contract, avoiding additional paperwork.

How value of hours is used

  • Your AVH or BOH contract describes a value of hours purchased.  When after-hours work is done it uses the number of hours remaining at a proportionately faster rate than when normal hours are worked (however the price of the contract is unchanged and you are not charged anything extra).

After Hours

  • This applies on weekends and public holidays and outside 8 am to 6 pm on business days

Travel and Minimum Charges

  • Minimum onsite charge 1 hour

  • If a site visit has been planned at least two hours in advance, the  following travel charge applies:

    •  For hourly-rate work, a travel charge applies when the onsite visit is less than three hours in duration. (In the central Auckland area, travel time will be regarded as 15 minutes in each direction. For work outside of this area we can give pricing on request.)

  • However, if a site visit is urgent and unplanned i.e. not at least two hours in advance, the  following travel charge applies:

    •  For hourly-rate work we will charge all the engineers travel time as well as onsite time.


Rate card review

  • Generally there is an annual review of prices.


  • Do you know someone who would benefit from these services?   If you provide an introduction, and it results in new work, you will receive a finder’s fee

  • If you make regular referrals then a commission arrangement will be discussed

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